Thursday, January 17, 2013


Just outside our hotel...ready for Day 1 of our 2-day visit to Disneyland.
Ditched a little school last week to go.


 She thought she was a celebrity on the train.

 One of her favorite rides.
Conveniently always has a short line.

Learned to sleep through anything.

August was added to the bed for effect. Did it work?
PS Those Halo sleep sacks are ugly but awesome.

Nonstop teacups.

 Love the Small World ride at Christmas.
This was the end of day 2.
We were all cold and ragged,
(I'm in Justin's military issued fleece)
but still sad to leave.


It being August's first trip. He slowed us down and didn't get what was going on, but it was still fun having him there. He was either wide eyed or asleep, not much in-between. First ride was Peter Pan.

The last hour before closing on Day 1, Sally, August, and I did: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Dumbo, the carousel, Snow White, Pinnochio, and Alice in Wonderland. I think the boys did Splash Mountain like 4 times in that same hour.

Didn't eat one single treat the whole time. Satisfied my major sweet cravings with those mangoes with lime from the fruit cart. So good.

Least Favorites:

Boys had a couple whiny moments where they wanted to go back to school. What the.

Cold (but that part was worth it...scared some people away).


Annie Packard said...

Fun! I am jealous!

Jenny said...

How fun! We're taking the kids to Disney World this summer for the first time ever. :)