Thursday, December 27, 2012

The $1 Balloon

Sally got some Christmas money from my parents.

She passed up pretty much everything Toys R Us had to offer,
and held out for a 3-pack of bubbles and this balloon from the dollar store.

August approves.


Ashley said...

I love looking at your blog it is always fun. We are headed to Cali next year. Im hopeing march. I'll let you know so we can meet up.

The Watkins said...

That is awesome. And that is also a very cool blanket.

Katie said...

Love that last picture with his contented smile - he knows how handsome he is :) Are you not having issues with the whole picture storage thing on google? A lot of my friends/family have had blogger tell them that they are out of storage and now have to pay for monthly storage...I don't know - that was why I said it may be my last blog post, since I don't want to pay! Too much info. for a comment here :) sorry!

Katie said...

The cheapest option I've seen is $9.99 a month! I think it's for 2GB per month. Which, of course, I didn't come close to. I cancelled so far, but will have to go back and have a look. $5 a year would definitely be alright with me :) Wish I had run into this issue back then!