Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins at a Nut Farm

One can never have too many pumpkin pictures, right?
Cause we came home with a big daddy pumpkin that's getting carved tomorrow.

We (me, Drew, Sally, August) re-visited Bates Nut Farm yesterday. (first visit was two years ago)

Met my friend Sally and her kids there.

After making our way through the hay maze (lost a couple kids),
doing a bouncy slide,
and climbing a rock wall (which Drew was a pro at)...
we made it to the patch of giant pumpkins.

And that (the free thing) ended up being the best part of the day.

The kids played so cute together we almost didn't notice the stench of smashed pumpkin guts.


Evaly said...

I love Sally's skirt! What a cute girl. Looks like you had fun and it was a beautiful day.

Krissie said...

How fun! I have heard Bates Nut Farm is fun!

Lindsay Riggs said...

Your kids are always cute but your kids in a pumpkin patch= cuteness to the max!

The Watkins said...

Drew is such a goof ball. Looks like you hit at a good time.

Joanna & Ben said...

Sally's kids have gotten so big!!!