Wednesday, October 03, 2012

In Uniform

(left) with Owen at combat training graduation at Camp Pendleton (Nov 2003)
(right) with August in our backyard while stationed at Camp Pendleton (Sept 2012)

Side note: Justin's last day in the military could've been 9/11/12.
He got an extension to stay here til March.
We're buying time while we figure out what to do.

And then we have our little Tiger Cub.
His scouting dreams finally came true.
He is obsessed.
And I did not tell him to pose like that.
His first pack meeting, where we signed him up, was the night before August was born.
Which meant that Errin, Brent, my mom, and anybody else that watched him that weekend got to hear nonstop about belt loops, his upcoming den meeting, his uniform, etc.
Justin is forever the 11-year-old scout leader (3rd ward he's had this calling).
Drew wanted to go with him to a court of honor just so he could wear his uniform.
Owen had his on, too...but then just opted for his new Bear hat.
Which is one good thing about Drew's excitement...
it's catching on to Owen, who has never been into scouting.

1st Den Meeting (that my mom got to take him to):
We were waiting to be discharged from hospital.

 All my mom's hard work on the scarecrow paid off.
(parents worked, kids not so much)

And then last Saturday, Justin took him to do some popcorn sales outside a grocery store.
 Drew: "Hello, would you like to buy some popcorn today?"
If the answer was no...
"Okay thank you and have a nice day!"

Justin said it was so cute in his high little voice.

And the last of the uniforms seen around our house lately:
Drew's soccer one.
I have not one picture.
(this was supposed to be picture, not video...
but now you get to see 1 second of Drew begging to be goalie).

You may recall after baseball season ended last spring, Drew said he never wanted to do sports again.

But then the thought of another trophy combined with Justin coaching got him suckered in.

On the field he's either in la la land or pretty aggressive...not much in-between.

I think Justin may be having more fun coaching than Drew playing.


The Watkins said...

Justin's going to keep getting called to the scout leader because he looks so good in uniform. _________________________

Double checking to make sure I'm logged in as me and not Dave. :)

Da Ilaoa's said...

I dont think Justin has age in his pictures. I love seeing your pictures of August. And Im getting excited for my boys to get old enough for Justin to be their Scout leader :)

Rachel Lyn said...

Ya seriously.. 2003 to 2012 and he looks exactly the same! Those pictures melt my heart. And the pics of the 3 boys on their way to Court of Honor make me so happy. Drew's super excited face! So I love this post.

Sara Cotter said...

I'm still waiting for mine to be born. I'm a little jealous yours came so early. congrats!

Evaly said...

These pics are so great. Love the dad and baby shots and Drew is so cute in his little scout uniform.

Ashley said...

LOL Justin as not changed a bit. Love the pictures