Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Day Owen Turned 9

 He's looking old.

Owen and Drew both got recognized with awards during the monthly assembly that day.

We took the kids (plus Owen's friend Gavin) out of school a little early to go to the zoo.
Thank you Kids Free October.

 He found a lizard and all of a sudden, "was a zookeeper!"

 Releasing the lizard.

 He's awesome with August.

Worn out at the end.

Got a second wind in the parking lot.
 If only those were allowed inside the zoo.

Dinner of choice was Souplantation (aka Sweet Tomatoes).
Gavin won the pizza eating contest.

We love Owen.


jamiebarazoto said...

He is a Martindale for sure! Cute pictures. Can't believe you have a nine year old!

Jaime said...

He IS looking so old! Gavin and I loved seeing the pictures. I thought the seal was real at first in that picture of it with Owen! (:

Lindsay Riggs said...

He is a cute 9 year old and you are a cute mom for hanging all those balloons from the ceiling!

Rachel Martindale said...

Not gonna lie.. I feel a bit emotional about this.. don't know why. Maybe because your post was so cute? Maybe because I remember when you were pregnant with him and I planned on calling him O.J. Maybe because I know how sweet he is. I love Owen!

Torgersons said...

I just covered Owen's eyes. From the nose down he is your spitting image. This whole time I thought Justin dominated. I was wrong. So wrong. Happy bday, Owen!

KatieJ said...

Haven't been reading blogs for a while and got caught up with you today! I love your cute family- you are such a fun mom! I want to steal August- he is SO CUTE! I hope you are doing good!