Friday, November 02, 2012

A Dud

 I came home with this huge pumpkin from Bates.

I was all excited for the awesome jack-o-lantern it would become.

And then Justin and Brent unloaded only it to find it had a crack and soft spot.

And THEN! Justin cut it open and found this:
Pumpkins growing on the pumpkin and nasty liquid sloshing around the bottom.

So, so gross.

Justin was nice and carved it anyway.
(it got a mouth, too)

He said it sliced like butter.
One advantage to a rotten pumpkin.

But we were never able to put a candle in it.
And it's currently oozing junk down our front porch.

Disadvantages definitely won.

At least inside the house, more pleasant things were going on.

Brent & Errin's family joined us for:
- chicken pot pies with tentacles
- pumpkin poop (Cheetos)
- pumpkin carving (RIPE pumpkin carving)
- watching Nightmare Before Christmas
- eating Jack Skellington

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