Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hodge Podge

 Sally: Can you turn on One Direction?
B: No, I want "Under the Bridge!" (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Then when another friend was over they had me turn on Justin Bieber
while writing, "I love Justin Bieber."

August got a bath on his 7-week birthday.

I can't help it, every time Drew puts on his Tiger Cub uniform I have to take a picture.
I really need to get him the knee length scout socks he wants just for my own enjoyment.
 This was on our visit to Leo Carrillo Ranch.

Super pretty place that I'm ready to visit again.
 (Drew's down there in the bottom left)

Sunday was Skype story time with Rachel.
This made me really happy and it should happen every Sunday.

 Ummmm Rachel, Sally has a question.

Veteran's Day we visited the Elfin Forest Recreational Area in Escondido
for a little hike with Brent & Errin.
Look how excited Justin was about it:
In his defence, he had a headache.
He didn't complain when he had to take Owen back to the car early
because the bikes weren't working out on the steep, rocky trail.

And then there's Sally who forgot her shoes, so she got to run around barefoot the whole time.

Drew and his miniature teeth enjoyed it.
Aren't those supposed to be falling out by now?

And here's my little stage hand Owen.
 His class did a short performance of Frida Maria.

Afterwards he got to show off August to his class.
 And August didn't love being shown off.
But really he was happy except when I took these pictures.

"Look Mom he can sit!"

Sally continues to use August as her doll and he wonders when it will end.


Rachel Lyn said...

I laughed out loud about Drew's miniature teeth. And I'll try to pay better attention to Sally's questions next time. And I love your posts.

Lindsay Riggs said...

Miniature teeth! Ha! And please do get the knee high socks.

Natalee said...

Cute blog Shauna. And even cute pictures of your babes.