Monday, December 03, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend, or People Holding August

A of all...he was an amazing traveler. Slept 90% of the time.
This was at a pit stop along the way to AZ.

 Drew was so excited to find this "Webeloyal" marking on my parents' sidewalk.
Like, very excited.

My parents + Cole were in Porterville for Thanksgiving.
So that left us, Candace & Jason to celebrate with the extended Martindale family.
 And you all missed out.

Candace introduced our family to pigs in a blanket as Thanksgiving appetizers.
They were good.
And here is Sally's atypical Thanksgiving meal that you were dying to see.

Drew & Owen ate pretty much nothing.
 Too busy playing.

August got held.

 And Justin got...thoughtful?

 Justin's 97-year-old grandpa passed away Wednesday as we were driving to AZ.
So our belated Hollobaugh Thanksgiving got canceled.
We went to visit anyway.

 And August got held some more.

And more.
 My friend Lindsey & her husband made us the yummiest ebelskievers and quiche.
That is not Lindsey.
That's Katie.
And I liked that she held August the whole time.
That is Lindsey's cute new house, though.

Back at my parents house...
Everyone got cozy with Jacob.
We're all happy he's home.

Saturday afternoon a whole lot of family came over and it was good.
 Like Gwen (niece),

Emma (niece),

 and Loren (sis-in-law).

Rachel and Jacob entertained with the spray bottle game.

Then that night the guys got kid duty and the girls got some Tia Rosa's. 
 ALL the sisters/sisters-in-law!
And lots of chicken stuffed quesadillas.
(Thanks Errin for organizing and Tami for driving so far to come)

Our mode of transportation...Tami's 12-passenger Sprinter.

Justin was able to get work off to be able to go to Grandpa's funeral.
So Monday we had lunch at Freestone Park.
(I rode that bike, too and am now obsessed with getting one for Christmas)

August met cousin Drake.

 And the ducks got lucky with leftover Hot-n-Ready's.

Karen did my hair.

Then we got to spend time with my parents.

My cute little house:

Cole/Owen/Drew's disturbing one:

And my mom's/Sally's masterpiece:

Then some tree decorating happened.

And that was enough for one day.


Evaly said...

I am so impressed at how well you are keeping up your blog! I wish I would back on it! Darling pics- love the one of the baby cousins together. Must have been nice to have lots of baby holders and get a little break :) Sorry to hear about Justin's grandpa.

Evaly said...

I meant to say "get back on it" :)

stephanie said...

i was happy to see your sister at jacob's homecoming. i love his family and he seems like a really great guy. looks like you had a good trip!

Rachel Lyn said...

Ya this post makes me too happy. I love every single thing and picture. I laughed at the one of Justin and Candace playing cards.. their expressions were both so them. And we're cute sisters :) So happy there are so many of us! I love our family!

The Watkins said...

favorite pics: tree decorating and baby cousin meeting.

KatieJ said...

Finally checking up on your blog and surprised to see myself! I miss August though, he's so dang cute, I want to hold him some more!