Friday, December 10, 2010

We Have a Tree

Last week was special.

2/3 of my kids were sick and Justin was out of town.

By Thursday I was done.

Thought a tree would turn that around.

Drove past "bargain" lots to get to the cute lot at the fruit stand.

Which of course only sold Noble Firs.

They're not cheap.

But are the best.

Was secretly happy I had no choice.

(driving to another lot was obviously not a choice)

Owen walked right up to the tree he wanted.
And stood guard.

Took a pause from playing hide & seek in the trees.

Went home.

Tried to get tree straight in stand.

Got frustrated.

Turned on Christmas music to bring some cheer.

Took a dinner break.

Sally cried cause she didn't like dinner.

Observed that the music couldn't cheer my child or straighten my tree.

Turned off music.


Turned music back on.

Got tree in stand.

Plugged in lights.

Which were burnt out.

Called it a night.

Next lights.

Love the new lights.

Christmas music back on.

Kids decorated tree mostly themselves.

Didn't even stress.

Liked when Owen pulled out the bird ornaments and knowingly said,
"Dad loves his birds"

(Justin thinks every Christmas tree needs birds)

Too bad he wasn't here to decorate with us.

Paused to note that tree needles point upwards to Heaven to remind us of Jesus.

Is that true? Not sure but I like it.

All ornaments on.

Star topper didn't match feel of new lights.

Thought I needed a red felt star.

Thought of how I could make one.

Then remembered I don't like making things.

Next day while @ Ikea discovered a red felt star.

For $1.99.

And cheery tomato red bulbs.

Both perfect.

Tree is complete.

And is the happiest one we've ever had.


Evaly said...

You are so cute :) Hope everyone is feeling better!

Steph said...

Haha! You're a great sport. I was frustrated for you! I can't believe you did the tree by yourself....and in the stand!!!
We need a full picture of the tree please.

Jaime said...

What a tree experience! you are a good sport. I love the tree--what I can see of it. I love and prefer noble firs but have only gotten one I think one year. I am usually not feeling very rich at Christmastime cause I've spent all my money on other things. They are beautiful trees. I love your decorations too.