Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Call Do-Overs

Those people down there are Brent/Errin/Jones and Owen/Drew/Sally

The San Diego Temple is amazing.
It doesn't have near the light display that Mesa does.
But it doesn't need it.

However, my kids were nuts during our visit.
And I want them to get it more than they did.
So ya...do overs!
We're going back.


Joanna & Ben said...

that's a beautiful temple.

Jessica Crozier said...

I love driving by it on the 5. I can only imagine how beautiful it is up close and personal!

Jaime said...

You're dedicated to do a do-over. Hope it works better. How far are you from it? It's beautiful!

Steph said...

Yeah. DEF go back. And I agree. Mesa tops any I've seen.