Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Weekend

An attempt at a family picture.
This was bladder infection day for me.
It was special.

All my brothers and sisters were in the same vicinity for the first time in awhile.
We found a 15-minute window when we could meet for quick pictures.
Karen was already gone by the time we got to a sisters picture.

The kiddies love Cole.

Christmas Eve day we had a picnic with Justin's family.

Christmas Eve there were like 70 people at my parents house for a Mexican potluck dinner,
Nativity, and pinata.
Drew & Gwen were cheesy.
Sally & Jones were obsessed with Baby Jesus.

Sally dressed herself as a pink angel.


Justin on a Christmas present.

Jason likes to tell people their presents early.

Christmas Morning
Derek & Jason came for a sleepover.

I forgot the stockings at home, hence the paper sack.
Drew pulled out some Lego stickers that came for free w/another Lego thing and yelled,
"Just what I always wanted!!!"
We could've stopped there.

Owen was sick on Christmas...didn't get much emotion out of him.
He slept in til 7:30 that day!
Normally he's up at 6.

More from Christmas Day...


Jessica Crozier said...

Ugh…UTI's suck!! Drew and Mason really need to hang out. Forget about the iTouch that Santa brought Emma and Mason (to share), he told everyone he got gum in his stocking!! That, and a cardboard box would've sufficed. (note to self for next year)

danna said...

Oh my goodness! You look so good! Love the picture of your mama too, she's looking good on that bike :) And did your dad make Justin's Christmas present?

Krissie said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!