Saturday, September 06, 2008

Shauna Gets Political

Sally and I joined a group of Proposition 8 supporters this morning. We went door to door in our precinct hoping to find more supporters in hiding.

We found...
- A man that was undecided (and also undressed so we couldn't have a conversation)
- A man that takes pride in the private ballot (wouldn't share his opinion)
- A woman that can support Prop 8 in NO way
- An old woman that will support Prop 8 (and probably also won't support it...depending on who gets the last word before the election)
- A man that supports (and said w/Sally strapped to my front, "Let me guess...YOU married a man?!")

And more.

Most people were nice enough, even those that didn't agree.

But mostly I found that people didn't really know the details (even though they had strong opinions). And they didn't want us to explain.

Usually I just sit back more and let people do what they may. But if this doesn't pass, Owen will be taught in school that marriage can be between any 2 people regardless of gender. I'm not okay with that.

The official Prop 8 website is

I especially like the MYTHS

If you don't agree, just be as nice about it as the people we ran into yesterday. Pretty please.


Ashley said...

I support you 100% and if there is anything I can do here in Utah to help you just let me know.

Everton Family said...

Good for you. What has this world come to?

Aric and Sally said...

Way to go Shauna!

Da Ilaoa's said...

My sister told me about this...I forgot you were in the same state as her (denial I guess). She said there were so many people in her ward who were not going...even when it came from the prophet. Good job doing your part :)

Sara Hollobaugh said...

Of course I support it 100%. Way to go to be active in your community!! I am glad most people were at least civil to you!!

Phil and Stacie said...

I'm so impressed!

The Nomad said...

That is so scary that they would teach that in schools. I was just in Michaels the other day and saw 2women, obviously together, w/a little girl. It made me really sad, mostly for the little girl. I didn't really know about this until I saw it on your blog & Ashleys. Good to know!,.

Sherri said...

Thank you, Shauna! We're working on a similar proposition here in Arizona. It's scary to go door to door, but I truly understand the absolute need to fight for these propositions!!

KatieJ said...

Good job- Sam has been asked to head up a committee on a similar ammendment here. I didn't get why it was such a big deal at first but he told me what has happened in CA and in Boston so now I get it.