Saturday, September 20, 2008

Game Day

Team: Sharks
Player: Owen
Number: 11

Times left field crying: 1
Times kicked the ball: 0

Strong points: Great runner

Now if he knew the purpose of all his running that might help.

The crying was at the beginning of the game... his first time on the field. I think he just felt overwhelmed. So Justin got him back in with his friend Jack and he did some good running while we lost probably 15-1 thanks to some freakishly good kid on the other team. But hey he had fun and he got a jersey!

And a cool Scottish coach.


Sara Hollobaugh said...

Oh how cute. I love that he cried! He is still your little boy!! You dont want him to grow up too fast and be too big!

Sarah said...

Love those shin guards! Owen is too cute. Can't wait to play soon.

Rochel and Mark said...

He is a little stud in his uni! Very cute!

Ann said...

I love the scottish.

sara said...

I love your posts! :)

p.s. My parents live in Prescott, Az - although they are actually closer to Chino Valley. -In a golf community called Talking Rock. It is pretty awesome!

Sara Cotter said...

That looks like fun. I bet it's great to watch. You're kids are so cute.

Aric and Sally said...

Go Owen! I love the jersey. did you make signs cheering for #11?