Wednesday, September 24, 2008


not my picture

A couple weeks ago I made this Baked Teriyaki Chicken.

It was good.
(if you make it make extra sauce to go over rice
and line your pan with foil;
that pan was a beast to clean)

Except Justin found a hair from
the basting brush I used on his piece.

That's not good.

So I threw that brush out.

The next day I attempted to color my hair.

Karen, my hairdresser sister,
gave me a pep-talk before I started.

Use Vasoline around your hairline so you won't get color stains.

I didn't have Vasoline so I used Desitin.

I made Justin put the color on my roots and the back of my hair.

Hey, he was raised by a painter.

When it was my turn to take over, it just went downhill.

I should've put Desitin all over me and the bathroom.

So messy.

And for all that, I was somehow left with roots
that are slightly lighter than the rest of my hair
and a clump of singed off hair.

I'll fly Karen here before I try that again.

I almost threw that hair color brush out with everything else.

But I was thinking...

You know what would make a really good basting brush?

K I forgot to add the part about using a magic eraser to get the color off my skin. Ya, don't do that. I felt like I had a sunburn for a couple did work, though!

Oh and I was just coloring my hair my same color to cover all my GREY HAIR. Now those grey hairs are more golden brown. I obviously didn't mix it right.


Ann said...

the chicken looks good, but I'm cracking up picturing you doing your own color and making a huge mess, and now you have singged hair, so sad, but funny.

maybe you should stick to cooking, and leave the hair coloring to the experts!

Everton Family said...

You are too funny...and a brave woman! Desitin hair, I'm still laughing.

Everton Family said...

Oh, and I forgot to say...I'm sorry that happened to you. Are you ok?

Sarah's Nonsense said...

That's terrible! Did you find some miracle worker/hair stylist that will salvage the project? Justin (my justin, i mean) is an at home hair dyer and the mess he makes is unbelievable. I swear I could repaint the bathroom and the black spots creep right back through the white paint. ugh.

melinda said...

You are FUNNY.

That whole thing was funny.

The chicken looks good.

The thought of dye and desitin ruined it;)

I'm still laughing...

sara said...

OH MY GOSH! I have colored my hair before and it IS sooooo messy. Desitin, really!?
Crap about the roots and singed hair! NO!
This is pretty amusing though!

Yummy chicken recipe!

TheBaldwins said...

So what color were you going for? I can't imagine why you would want to cover up your beautiful color!!

Brenna said...

Clever post! Next time call me for some Vaseline. Say NO to desitin Shauna H!

Natalie said...

Too funny. I'm laughing out loud. I would've paid a nickel to see that!

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

Okay you can't tell us that story and not SHOW A PICTURE!!! I tried coloring my hair once in college by myself, and I will never try it again. I was trying to make it dark brown, almost black, and my hair didn't take the hair turned bright orange?! Seriously strange! The hair salon couldn't even fix it...they said my hair was too damaged, and I would have to wait to re-color it! What a nightmare!

Robyn Hollobaugh said...

I read this to Paul and we were laughing. You don't have grey hair!!! The magic eraser is so funny.

Steph said...

LOL! You should publish a column for mommies who need a laugh! How'd your new basting brush work out for ya!?!

Josh and Nat said...

Ok I am laughing so hard right now! Maybe its funnier to me because I do hair too but I am really laughin out loud. I would have paid over a nickel to see that!