Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Doctor

Sept 12 - 6 months old
15 1/2 pounds; 26 1/2 inches

Sometimes we wait a long time for the doctor to come back.

So we get bored and start taking pictures.

And go a little sticker crazy.

Then the doctor asks me for a urine sample.

That's asking a lot with 3 kids (Owen was out of school with a cold).

I'm used to not having privacy at home but it's embarrassing in public.

Especially when Drew yells, "Bring your pee! Bring your pee!" as we're walking out of the bathroom.

Post Script: That whole day Sally was so fussy, even the Motrin wasn't helping. I thought it was the shots (which was probably part of it) but the next day her bottom 2 teeth cut through. Poor girl had to deal w/shots and teeth at the same time.


stephanie said...

that sally is a doll.

riggsfam said...

I'm confused. You were at Sally's check up and you had to go in a cup?

Shauna said...

I like to combine doctor's appointments...Drew, Sally, & I had them at the same time. And no, I'm not pregnant...they just had to confirm that before giving me a new birth control prescription. Which I think they were glad to do after seeing me w/3 kids.

Jessica Crozier said...

You are a brave woman!! The kids are so cute!

Rochel and Mark said...

You gotta love kids! What a famous line that I hope is cherished in your family forever: "Bring your Pee!" It almost sounds like a battle cry!

Stephanie Snyder said...

you are sooo funny, I would have been glad to help with your kids! Next time, call me.

Leann said...

I feel your pain, Marin loves mommy having to pee in a cup. I guess it doesn't take much to entertain a child!

Sarah said...

HAHAHA! Oh Man! that's funny! Meg still tries to squat on cup after seeing me at the many Dr's appt's during pregnancy