Monday, September 10, 2007


So yesterday I got released from Primary. I feel so weird! Very mixed emotions... definitely lost 10 lbs of stress but I also lost some good things too. Since normally right about now I'd be doing something Primary-related (and my brain has had Primary on it ALL the time and doesn't know what to do now that it's free) I wanted to write a few notes to myself for NEXT time cause I know there will be a next time. Maybe not the same calling but something Primary-related will most likely come around again...

Favorite songs from this year:
Love Is Spoken Here
(One time when Senior Primary sang this with parts as a duet they seriously sounded like a choir - it came out of nowhere!)

I'm Trying to Be like Jesus

What I'll miss most:

Sunday Primary - I love being in there with the kids, love their comments of all sorts, love when we have a good day w/reverence and participation, love when we feel the Spirit.

Working with Sally & Carrie.

Spying on Owen (usually he was on my lap or right behind me so it wasn't hard to spy).

A few of the MANY things I learned:
Scouts is a big deal. So important!

Setting up a classroom makes a difference.

You don't have to know music to be a good music leader.

Being a primary teacher is not an easy calling. I always thought it was the typical starter calling :)

Heavenly Father likes to humble me... We'd have a great day at Church, or just get a teacher we were really hoping for... then I'd be walking around like I was the greatest thing ever, thinking I was finally getting the hang of things... only to find out minutes later we were losing one of our strongest teachers, or some primary workers weren't getting along, etc. Or maybe we were given those great moments to prepare us for what was right around the corner. Probably a combination of both.

What I love:
Sis Jarman - she is an older lady that is so funny! And so encouraging. Every now and then you get a teacher that just stares at you while you make a fool of yourself doing the songs, sharing times, etc. but Sis Jarman is always smiling nodding her head in encouragement. I love every primary worker that does their calling.

When teachers get their own subs.

When teachers use church-approved materials. Sometimes I felt like the church-approved materials Nazi! Did you know Primary Partners is not church approved?

I think that's the most common offender. What IS church approved? Anything on or in your church library. That does not include Veggie Tales or those Living Scriptures animated scripture stories.

When kids memorize Articles of Faith.

Our teacher-appreciation night. It was just FUN! My ribs hurt from laughing so hard.

What I want to do better next time:
Serve with a more positive attitude. I think I was usually positive on Sunday, at activities, etc. But behind the scenes wasn't always so pretty.

Prioritize between family and Primary better.

Not stress! (probably not possible)

I'll probably keep remembering things that I'll just add to these lists but it's a start.

Now I'm looking forward to a few months in AZ for the holidays! I'm counting Halloween and Veteran's Day among those holidays! Time to go book a flight!


Katie said...

You are so cute! How fun that you get to come to AZ and spend a few months and during the best time of the year! I'm so glad for you! Time will go by so fast!

Sarah's Nonsense said...

You sound like a great Primary leader. Isn't it odd that you can be at the end of your rope with whatever calling you have, but then you're done and you almost always discover what it is that you're now going to miss! I've always been in Primary in one way or another and it's a good place to be! I agree...

Lunt Family Blog said...

I just barely got called as that what you were? I feel like I can handle it except for the fact that I do not know one child in that whole primary!! I will probably learn fast but for now, I'm clueless. I like all of your comments..maybe I can learn something from them;)

Stacie said...

that is a great post! i think it is always bitter sweet when you've given so much of yourself to a calling and then it comes to an end...i'm sure the kids will miss you. have fun in az, and don't forget to blog!

KatieJ said...

Halloween! Looking forward to seeing you! I need some of your love and expertise for primary right now- I know I had it last time but it's hard for me to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing now! The songs are the best part though.

Casey, Becky & Mylie said...

I love primary! I really do love it! I am totally and utterly shocked that Primary Partners is not approved material! i had no idea! UGH! that stinks BIG time! YEAH! So exciting ya'll get to come for the holidays! yIPPEE!

Cordova Family said...

Those are good primary pointers for those of us who are not in the presidency and so thank you for that! I'm glad you get to come visit your fam! That's so great!

riggsfam said...

Primary's great! We were primary teachers right when we got married, and then I was the nursery song leader(which I'd never heard of before), and then the primary chorister. Good times! I'm totally with you on approved materials! We had a counselor in the presidency that was also an elementary school teacher. I dreaded her sharing times because she would always just read a book (totally not gospel related) out loud to the kids. Annoying!

Sara said...

I loved this post - getting released really is bittersweet. I sat with Bodie in Primary a few weeks ago and I felt the spirit so strongly -it was really neat. I love the music -we've been listening to the songs they're working on for the program and it is so fun to hear Bodie say 'oh, I like this one!' or start singing them. Primary is great. I'm sure you'll be amazing at whatever you're called to do!

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

wait a minute! didn't owen just start preschool? where are you going?