Friday, September 14, 2007

Wish List

Katie... I'm gonna post about 5 girls I WISH had blogs since you stole half my list!

#1 Lindsey
Every email I get from her makes me laugh out loud. Her daughter Sophie says the funniest things. She has the cutest Cohen. She makes the best food (as does her mom, Rosie). She is always decorating or redecorating her house so cute. She has the funniest grandma ever. She sews the cutest things. Wears cute stuff. And paints awesome pictures. She needs to share all of this with the world... soon! Her blog would put mine to shame.

#2 Sisters
She needs to feature her 2 cute boys and their funniness; all her awesome hair-dos; her cute clothing, jewelery, and shoe finds; and Jared could even have a feature where he makes fun of whatever... he has a special talent to find something to make fun of in any situation. And he can also put all his cleaning tips. Maybe Jared just needs his own blog.

She's good about emailing out letters and pictures... those can easily be turned into blog form!

#3 Emily (stole this pic off Meredith's blog - hope neither of you mind!)
We went to high school together, were in the same ward, and she let me live with her in Provo for a few months after we graduated. I'm just guessing she has an interesting life and it'd be fun to read about. I know she has 2 very cute girls!

#4 My Mom
Hers would always be positive and mostly about family. I love hearing about my family! Also, she has great recipes, loves music, loves learning, and she is super mom.

#5 Sisters-in-Law

She just had long-awaited baby Madyson... This is the last picture I've seen of her and I need a lot more. All my sis-in-laws: Bethany, Ana, Ashley, Robyn, Melissa, and Erica need to get busy and represent the Hollobaughs :)

Also all my NC friends that moved away are required to get blogs: Jill S, Lara J, Tiffany W, Jenny F, Christi B, Wendy D

A couple more friends: Nichole N (we only exchange Christmas cards), Emily D (we still email but I'll be lucky if I see you again since you decided to move to Idaho!)

And that should do it for starters. Just a little more than 5...


KatieJ said...

Hey good idea! Come on girls- take the challenge! You can make your blogs private if you don't want strangers reading it you know. I can always use more blogs to read!

Stacie said...

i think this is a great idea! call them out onto the carpet and put on the pressure...that should work.

Lindsey said...

Okay, I'm for surely sure that if I had a blog it would NOT put yours to shame! Your blog makes me both laugh my head off and cry my pants off. That's a special talent to leave your readers headless and depantsed.

riggsfam said...

Blogs are awesome just because it lets you keep in touch with lots of people you would normally only see like once a year! I wouldn't know anything about your life (besides that you are pregnant and that Justin is gone) if you didn't have a blog! Now at our fam reunions and holidays we can actually feel like we know about each other :)

Rachel & Ryan said...

shauna...hi its Rachel! I totally agree with getting the family involved. I would love to hear about how tami and Karen and you cute mom is doing. Oh, and Emily and Lindsey too! I haven't seen them forever!

Nutts said...

Shauna! I feel so fancy to be mentioned on your blog! I waisted half my day setting one up at your request! Guess I really needed to feel wanted! I don't have a clue what I'm doing so please send any helpful tips my way! So good to see your pictures and feel like you're not too far away! Thanks for the motivation!