Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Owen the Methodist

Today was Owen's first day of Preschool! It is run by a Methodist Church.

So pretty soon he and the other two Mormons in his class are going to show up to our church praying like this:
They have weekly chapel time to learn about God's love for them. I think Methodist's chapel time is a little more lively than ours which won't help our Sunday reverence issues any.

But really it's a good Preschool. And we have been looking forward to this day ALL summer. This morning Owen was not in any rush to get ready. But then he appeared out of nowhere carrying his Cars (from the movie) lunch bag thingy saying he's ready to go! As I'm buckling him in the car I notice the bag is heavier than when I packed his snacks... he had snuck his cars into the bottom compartment.

(notice Drew in the background)

When I picked him up (drive-through) I had my camera all ready to get a picture of him w/his teacher but he had the hugest smile ever and I totally forgot! He was so, so happy and loved it.
I asked him his favorite part and he said, "We're just learning about circles right now."

I loved getting some less-interrupted shopping and some peaceful time with Drew. But I think I had a big as smile as Owen when I picked him up :)

Justin called this morning to tell him good-luck, and he called again after to ask him about it. Preschool is a big deal around this house!


riggsfam said...

What an important day! How long is he there each day?

Meredith said...

sooo cute. And I cant wait to hear him pray :) So how often does Justin get to call? that is great, Im sure that helps a TON.

Sara said...

How fun - I went to a methodist preschool too (in PA) I still remember it!! (good memories) Crazy. I'm surprised Owen didn't say they were just learning about O's!! :) That's so nice that Justin got to call!!!

Your Labor Day weekend looked amazingly fun!

Stacie said...

yea for preschool! Hannah started today too, how fun that they are the same age.

Katie said...

Oh what a fun time! That's awesome that Justin can call! Yay for you guys!

The Peterson Family said...

Maybe his class will all be praying like a bunch of crazy mormons by the end of the year . . . you never know.

Sarah's Nonsense said...

Yeah! That's such fun. The first day of pre-school should always be a big event. That's great that he loved it!

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

Oh so happy, yeah the only preschool here is a Catholic one but I am nervous to put Travis in because once the weather gets bad I am not going to go anywhere! Okay yeah and I am holding onto my baby Travis for dear life! As crazy as he makes me, try and pry him out of my hands!

Momtothree said...

Ahh that uninterupted shopping sounds so nice. Not that mine will be that much different while Becca's in school since I still have those crazy boys. I'm sad that we're missing so much school, but they said we can do our orientation 15 min before school when we get back. Probably it will be on friday the 21st.