Friday, October 23, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse

The main reason Erica came to visit was for this Zombie Run on Pebble Beach.
She, Justin and Owen did the 5k.

The rest of us did the 2k.
Drew and Auggie wanted nothing to do with the make-up.

At the starting line (which was also the finish line), Drew was DETERMINED to get first.
 And he honestly would've had it, if he didn't miss the turning point.
He ended up in 4th.

Sally was nervous about the run, but she took off and left Auggie and me to face the zombies alone.

And found Malia along the way.
We ended up finishing toward the end of the pack together.
Running is definitely not my thing.

The 5kers loved their super hilly course.
Owen ended up 2nd in his age group and beat Justin by 2 minutes.

The earned medal.

And the free one.

Drew was pretty torn up about his error on the course all day long.

At the end of the 5k race, there was a steep hill that they had to re-visit after the crowd was gone.

This run was tied in with a preparedness fair "in case of a zombie apocalypse."
We came home with lots of swag, including solar/hand-crank flashlights,
which came in handy the next day when we (and 55,000+ others in the area) were without power.
We had church in the dark and were sent home early.

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