Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Break

Errin & kids got here and somehow we always end up at Lover's Point.

Monday we went nonstop in San Francisco.

First up: old military bunkers in the Marin Headlands.

And Point Bonita Lighthouse:

We had already walked so much and everyone was tired, but we had to experience the bridge.
It was so loud and windy but worth it.

We walked maybe 1/3 of the bridge (the entire thing is 1.7 miles long).
On the way back, Auggie fell asleep on my shoulder and it was painful.

After a delicious dinner in the ghetto at La Taqueria, we got ice cream and visited Dolores Park.

Boys' Rankings
#1 - Bi-Rite
#2 - Dolores Park (playing their made up tennis ball game)
#3 - Fort Barry Bunkers
#4 - Golden Gate Bridge
#5 - Point Bonita Lighthouse
#6 - La Taqueria

My Rankings
#1 - Fort Barry (we had never explored the lower part and the kids loved it)
#2 - Golden Gate Bridge
#3 - La Taqueria (if that place was nearby I'd be in trouble)
#4 - Dolores Park
#5 - Bi-Rite (not as good as all the hype/too pricey; Penny in Santa Cruz is better)
#6 - Point Bonita (loved going the first time but didn't need to go again)

Tuesday consisted of Spanish Bay Beach, the aquarium, and Cannery Row.
Spanish Bay is right along 17-mile drive, so tourist vans are constantly loading and unloading.
Hence the line of Asian men staring at/taking pictures of the waves.

Kind of can't blame them, though. The waves were awesome that day.

Love this picture Errin took.

On Cannery Row, we got choc chip cookies from Nestle and Ghirardelli for a taste test.
Ghirardelli has HUGE cookies but I liked Nestle better.

Wednesday we went to Salinas for the best BBQ and The Farm.

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