Thursday, October 22, 2015


We are crazy and did Yosemite in one day.
Left our house a little after 6am.
Drove through a lot of rain and got nervous about a day of wet hiking.
But we thoroughly enjoyed the super picturesque leaves falling thanks to the rain.

Just before we made it to a Half Dome viewpoint (5 hours after leaving home), the rain cleared up.
But it was FREEZING.
And we were NOT prepared for that weather.

Please enjoy a multitude of Half Dome pictures:
Erica flew in the night before.

Continued our journey to Glacier Point.
Loved the short trails and even more amazing views of Half Dome.
And that the weather decided to get lovely.

Errin was originally going to head home the day before,
but extended her trip a day when she heard about our Yosemite plans with Erica.
Happy they stayed, made it more fun for our kids.

Drove back down the mountain and after coming out of this tunnel:

We were greeted with this view:
The smoke is from a controlled burn.

We wouldn't get very far down the road before finding somewhere else along to stop.
The kids loved playing in the water at Swinging Bridge (that did not swing).
I spy Erica.

Justin rigged Auggie's shorts so he could wade in the water.

Wading of course turned into being completely wet.

Oh hi white Justin (who gave up his shirt for his shivering son).


We ended our day at the visitor's center in the valley and concluded one day is definitely not enough.

Time to go camping.

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