Sunday, July 26, 2015

Red, White, and Beach

Karen, Rachel (+ families), and Cole were all in California for the 4th.

We got to the beach at 9am to get both good parking and beach spots.

Plan worked.

My cousin Joey was the genius behind the half-buried exercise balls. I guess that's really a thing called Fitballin. Youtube it. Anyway, it was so fun and the kids always had a random audience.

Joey also gets credit for the awesome VW Bus tent. 

Watched fireworks at our old favorite spot on the golf course in Carlsbad. Monterey still doesn't do them and it's sad. 


The Watkins said...

This makes me a little sad we were away for the fourth. I love it here. And I googled the VW bus tent because it looked so cool. I wish I could have one, but if it was the $480 one, then I don't think Dave would think it was that cool.

The Watkins said...
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