Tuesday, July 28, 2015



I love telling people here about how hot Arizona is in the summer.
It's kind of unfathomable.
Even I forget how bad it is till I'm back.

We braved the heat this year solely for Cole's farewell.

We survived by jumping in any body of water we could find, starting with my mom's inflatable pool at 8am the morning after we got there (above).

Rachel and Jacob moved into a guest house on a property with a super fun pool. Went there as much as possible.


Also thanks to Rachel and Jacob, we learned about a great spot at The Salt River.
Wasn't sure the sweaty 15 minute walk to get there would be worth it, but it most definitely was.

One of my most favorite things from our whole trip was the swim down this river back to the parking lot I did with Rachel.

After Cole's farewell talk in church.

He got a fever and fell asleep on my shoulder in the pool. 


Discounted movie day.

And dress like a cow/get free food day at Chik Fil A.


All my brothers. Hopefully our boys get the Hollobaugh hair genes.

A thunderstorm came out of nowhere right after Cole got set apart for his mission. Nothing better than an AZ thunderstorm. Side note: loved not having to worry about water during this trip. The California drought situation is sad and stressful.

Owen was full on sobbing Cole's last night before his mission. Cole was so sweet and just sat and held him. 

One last Cole memory: His friends took him to the airport and brought him his favorite hazelnut chocolate milk. Somehow we got the leftovers after they came back from dropping him off. We already miss him.

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Rachel said...

I feel like a celebrity when j make the blog. Too bad a was a wuss and only made it halfway swimming down the river! Still haven't tried that hazelnut chocolate milk, probably should.