Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oh, Deer

 Oh look, we fed more animals.

This was at a deer farm in Flagstaff.
Justin went there when he was a kid and wanted the kids to have the same experience.
Only I'm not sure the deer were so aggressive back then.
These guys had Sally in tears.
And Drew's foot got trampled in the stampede for the deer food he was holding.

The place had other animals, too, including this angry camel and a few reindeer.

Last stop of the trip: Bearizona.
The name is so great, and the place has a cool concept, but it was way over-priced.
Not. Worth. It.
At least Owen got to take a selfie with Buffalo.
(he inherited Cole's phone and is obsessed)

Aside: this Owen selfie is cute.

Finally on the road home and we ran out of drinking water with not a gas station in sight.
Justin thought he might be able to catch some drips from the major monsoon storm.
And this is anticlimatic because he had no luck.

But we did make it home and my own bed never felt so good.

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Rachel said...

I'm glad you will travel AZ for me to tell me what's worth it or not. I love Owens selfie with buffalo.