Sunday, September 28, 2014

Crystal + Dan

(stole this picture from Crystal's Facebook)

Crystal (Justin's cousin) and Dan got married in San Francisco City Hall.

The festivities brought out a bunch of Hollobaughs.

And the Hollobaughs know how to have a good time.

Beautiful building, inside and out.

Right across the street from city hall was food truck heaven.

And being new to food truck heaven, I didn't realize how slow they are at filling orders.

Sally and I had to sell off half our meal (straight out of the food truck window, don't worry) to make it in time for the ceremony.

Would have been there a little more on time if the workers hadn't directed me to the county clerk, thinking I was the one getting married.

 The bride and groom are in there somewhere. I had to keep my loud child away.

(another stolen Facebook picture)

The reception was at Pacifica Beach.

(still more stolen Facebook pictures)

We were happy to have so many of Justin's family up this way. Sally and Payten were joined at the hip. Owen & Drew didn't want to miss school, so they stayed behind with friends.

My favorite wedding details were the cute photo backdrop and the individual picnic lunch boxes.

Casual beach-side receptions are my favorite.

On the way home, we stopped at Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

It was cool to see at night...just hard to get a good picture in the dark. Justin got this one:

Post Edit:
A couple more fun pictures showed up on Crystal's Facebook that I had to steal. These are inside San Francisco City Hall after the ceremony.

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