Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Saturday with Erica

 We got Justin's sister Erica for a week.
She came to watch the kids while Justin & I went to Disneyland(!).

Before we escaped, we took her to one of our favorites, Point Lobos.
I don't ever get tired of that place.
But that day, our favorite spot was blocked off for a wedding.
Still saw plenty of prettiness.

And Erica introduced the kids to the world of selfies.
Auggie is still learning.

We checked out the Italian Festival in downtown Monterey.
They danced.

We ate some pizza, though not the overpriced slices at the festival.

And an imposter Mickey tried to entice us into buying some taffy.

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Katie said...

The selfie picture with Justin's sister and August - looks like he's a Hollobaugh! Their eyes were identical! Crazy fun :) How awesome to take a kid-free trip! We haven't braved that yet, although with my folks so close, I'm not sure why...looks like you two had a blast - not surprising since you're probably the coolest people that I (kind of:) know!