Friday, September 05, 2014


Souvenirs from Jordan on our sexy counter tops.
3 wishes please!

Modeling Sally's leggings as a unitard.

Justin's brother Linus had a Monterey layover and got to join us at the Laflans for a BBQ.

The BBQ was to welcome Justin home.
Nice idea from our friends/neighbors.
Took the picture too early...slush wasn't finished.
Just thought Sarah's setup was so cute.
She did this all totally last minute from stuff she already had, and from her own head.

Got over jet lag just in time.


Science Saturday at the PG Museum of Natural History.

Awesome sand collection at the museum.

Avoiding getting dressed after a bath.

Our Labor Day consisted of chores, Justin going to school to study, too many kids on devices.
Eventually got out to feed ducks and play at the park.

Just licking brownie batter on the curb in high heels.

This was after week 2 of taking Auggie to story time.
Makes me feel a little better about neglecting him the next 2 1/2 days while I work.

I don't think my kids had ever seen a candy poster before.
Now they are enlightened.


The Watkins said...

I want to see that sand collection. So so cool. I love the unitard. He's going to like that one when he's older. And doesn't everyone lick the bowl in high heels on the curb? I love all the little details of your life.

Rachel said...

Candy posters are the coolest thing, they never get old! Auggie in the leggings unitard is my favorite picture I've seen all day. That party is cute and sand collection awesome.