Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins at a Nut Farm

One can never have too many pumpkin pictures, right?
Cause we came home with a big daddy pumpkin that's getting carved tomorrow.

We (me, Drew, Sally, August) re-visited Bates Nut Farm yesterday. (first visit was two years ago)

Met my friend Sally and her kids there.

After making our way through the hay maze (lost a couple kids),
doing a bouncy slide,
and climbing a rock wall (which Drew was a pro at)...
we made it to the patch of giant pumpkins.

And that (the free thing) ended up being the best part of the day.

The kids played so cute together we almost didn't notice the stench of smashed pumpkin guts.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Day Owen Turned 9

 He's looking old.

Owen and Drew both got recognized with awards during the monthly assembly that day.

We took the kids (plus Owen's friend Gavin) out of school a little early to go to the zoo.
Thank you Kids Free October.

 He found a lizard and all of a sudden, "was a zookeeper!"

 Releasing the lizard.

 He's awesome with August.

Worn out at the end.

Got a second wind in the parking lot.
 If only those were allowed inside the zoo.

Dinner of choice was Souplantation (aka Sweet Tomatoes).
Gavin won the pizza eating contest.

We love Owen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Blessing Day

 Justin gave a sweet blessing to August.
And then he held him up Lion King style just like this.
I think he even rotated angles to make sure the whole ward got a good look.

 The family that was able to be there.
I cannot be responsible for Owen missing a tie, belt, and having his pants pulled up too high.




So close to a decent family picture...

Happy blessing day sweet August.