Sunday, June 24, 2012

We Like to Visit

Waking up to Grandma

Swimming with cousins.
(I even I got in and it felt so good)

The whole reason we came: Derek & Loren's sealing.
Their reception was the weekend prior.
Yay Der Der & Lo Lo!

 Justin and his Father's Day Legos.

 Father's Day.
(loved being there w/my dad, too....but our picture didn't turn out)

 Bonus to the weekend was meeting new, week-old nephew, Drake.
Such a cute baby.

She cannot wait for her own new brother.

 A visit to the new, under-construction Gilbert Temple.
This was neat to see.
I now get everyone's excitement.

This trailer is on site, where we learned more about the temple plans, layout, and purpose.
They all were happy with their pieces of the temple wall.
But especially Owen.
He kept saying sweet things about how good he felt there, wanting to visit every temple,
and wanting to keep the rock with him all the time so he could always feel that good.
And then Drew said in his high, matter-of-fact voice, "Dude, I didn't feel anything!"

Glad my mom chose this as her pre-birthday celebration and that we could make some memories.

Owen cries pretty much every time we head home, but this time even Drew was in tears.
Sally kept saying, "I don't care if it's hot!"
They all wanted to stay.
Counting down to seeing them soon at our reunion.


Jaime said...

I loved seeing all these pictures even though I don't know most of the people. (: Where are some belly pictures? When are you due? That baby is precious. I want one. But I'm pretty sure I always will. (:

Holly said...

So I just spent the last hour reading your blog and I'm just sick about leaving this place. There really is so much to do around here and great people to do it with.