Sunday, June 03, 2012

While in Arizona

We were such wusses in the 99 degree Arizona heat (which isn't even bad for AZ in May, I know).
But still...we were glad that Linus & Sara shared their pool for a little bit.
Sally loved that pool noodle and was happy to spend some time w/Payten.

On a side note, last week my step-grandma MarJean passed away suddenly.
My heart has been hurting for my grandpa ever since.
We were grateful that we could be in AZ for her memorial.
(the picture from her obituary)

(a favorite from our family reunion a couple years ago)

We headed home immediately after the memorial (since our kids are STILL in school).
 And now are just counting down to summer break.

A couple things I wish I got pictures of in AZ:

- My dad introducing the kids to dry ice bombs.

-   A bunch of my family sitting around the dining table all on Instagram at the same time.

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