Friday, June 01, 2012

The Wedding


Brett & Yamina
Tonto Natural Bridge in Payson, AZ

The day started out windy.

So windy that unless you were in the front couple rows (luckily we were),
you couldn't hear the ceremony.

But the wind died down and they had a fun luncheon/reception.

Loved that the kids got to reunite with some long-lost cousins.

Now the newlyweds are off enjoying their Monterey/North Cal honeymoon.

And we're happy for a new aunt/sister-in-law.

PS Brett is Justin's brother. The 8th of 11 kids in his family to be married.


Shannon said...

where did you get your boys' ties?

The Watkins said...

Love that first pic of Sally...I wish I had her wardrobe in grown up size.

brentanderrin said...

LOVE all the action shots!!!