Thursday, October 27, 2011


His big day was spent opening early morning presents,
then missing school to go to Disneyland.
He brought his school/church friend Gavin and I think that made the day for him.
He was literally sobbing when we got home because he didn't want it to end.

- Like his new Chargers hat? Top on his birthday wish list. We have never watched a football game in our lives but all the kids at school are wearing them.
- Putting candles inside churros is not a good idea (they melted instantly). Holding candles isn't the brightest idea either, but better than option A.
- Met up w/Brent & Errin for the last couple hours of the day...they introduced us to the Soarin' ride. Why had we never done that before? It's awesome!!! Other ride highlight was seeing new scenes on Star Tours.


Rachel Lyn said...

Owen is lookin good! His hat completes his outfit! That sticker used to be on the back of my friend's car and I always thought is was supposed to be some sort of cartoon character's hair.. turns out I've never seen football either. Ah I can't wait to come!! He's mom's background right now and it's darn cute.

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Owen! I showed Gavin this post and he said he wants a hat like that. He LOVES the Chargers. He asked for their jersey last Christmas. Gavin also said to say that he misses him.

Jessica Crozier said...

Happy birthday, Owen! That is the BEST birthday present ever…a trip to Disneyland! And yes…can't believe you hadn't been on Soarin'! Love that ride. We will be at Disneyland in less than 2 weeks and then a few days in O-Side!