Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cheese Balls Are Distracting

- Brent and Errin came to Drew's soccer game with a huge thing of cheese balls (which Drew spied during the game and ran off the field in the middle of play to get some).

- Owen & Jones were more into the Itouch than the game. The rest of us got to see Drew score 2 goals (one for his team, and one for the other guys). I blame the cheese balls.

- Chad & Cherisse (cousins) took a detour on their way home from Disneyland to spend a couple hours with us at the park, sharing pizza and push pops (not just any push pops...ones straight off the ice cream truck).

- Lucy loves babies (even though her expression might say otherwise).

- A bunch of kids had fun playing and got filthy.


Julie said...

awesome....I mean I would so why not just run by real quick and grab a handfull!! SO FUNNY

Cher said...

I think Lucy just wanted Jocey out of the mix:). It was so fun to see you all! Thanks for taking the time, we would love to come down again!