Saturday, December 27, 2008

So Far

Drove through the night to make it to AZ in time for my visit with Uncle Tom the dentist.

Then to Payson...

Visited Grandpa Webb and Uncle Pete/Aunt Jeane Ann 12/19

Brett gave Owen a missionary discussion

Then to Mesa...
Haircut Day! 12/20
Owen wanted spiky hair like Max.

Another Martindale cousin shot.
We added one more since last time (baby Gwen, far left)

Delivered Sara her Press'n Seal
Played w/Payten 12/21

Visiting the Temple lights 12/22
Nice on a rainy day cause it wasn't crowded.
But that also meant slippery sidewalks that made me fall.

Temple Lights group

Falcon Field Air Museum 12/23

Then Christmas Eve with the Martindales...
... for another nativity, that wasn't so much a nativity as a comedy.


Rochel and Mark said...

Man, that Sally....such stinkin' cutie, I just wanna squeeze her! Love the picture of the indoor nativity...looks like a comedy alright!

Jessica Crozier said...

How was the air museum? My uncle used to work out there. Were the kids at a good age?