Saturday, December 27, 2008


Bet you didn't get a meat tenderizer in your stocking.

Guess Justin doesn't want me using his hammer anymore.

In other Christmas news...

We had 2 very happy boys (and one equally happy Rachel)
Drew was seriously shaking with excitment when opening presents.

And one sick girl.
She got her doll.

But she likes Drew's Woody better.

And you know I had fun posing that tenderizer for the picture.


Rochel and Mark said...

Oh, I can imagine the joy you had, getting everything laid out just right, as to have the perfect picture of the tenderizer, you are funny! Poor Sally, nobody should be sick at Christmas! The other thing....the boys racing around thre tree....CLASSIC! Super-cute picture!

Rachel Lyn said...

why is this picture on?! hahah i miss you so much already! everything is so boring!!!