Thursday, December 18, 2008


Don't you hope I hurry and post the "after" picture so you don't have to look at this for very long?

This is why I'm so excited to go to Arizona.

Not the family and friends.

To get my hair done.

Then I can be excited about seeing people.

It hasn't been fixed since my little home dying experiment.

I've got my natural colored roots, then the lighter area below them from the dye that went wrong, and then grey scattered everywhere (it's there I promise).

Cannot wait to get some good hair!

And then I can smile again.


Rachel Lyn said...

HAHAHA cute picture shenanigan.. don't worry my hair is worse

Sara Hollobaugh said...

Well it looks good in the pic! Cant wait to see you guys no matter what your hair looks like!

Jessica said...

You look so sad. I hope you get your hair done soon so you can be happy!

riggsfam said...

Bad hair can make a person so sad.

Cherisse said...

Your hair always looks good. So I was going to tell you the editing website that I use, it's My bro-in-law, who is a graphic designer, said that it is a really powerful website, it is really addicting...have fun! Oh and we sent your Christmas card to your parents house since (I think) you will be going there for the Holidays. Have fun!

Rochel and Mark said...

Shauna, you crack me up! I know we are our worst critics, but're hair does not look bad, in fact, you can't even tell in that pic that you have a problem at all! You are a cutie!

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

you are so silly! I love your hair in both pics. makes me want to cut mine short. :) I paid $215 to have my hair colored, not cut, JUST COLORED, and it washed out completely within a month. FREAKING RIDICULOUS! I miss AZ for getting my hair done too! :)I still haven't found anyone here. My hair is normally long layers, and my shortest layer right now is all the way to my shoulder! :(

Aric and Sally said...

So sad, your eyes remind me of a lost puppy. I hope the new hair cheers your up in time for the holidays!

bkbills said...

uhhh, where is that grey? I don't see it. Weren't we just teenagers yesterday? How did grey hairs start creeping in? Also, if you are here, call me!