Sunday, February 03, 2008

Week in Review

· 3 days of Preschool

· 1 Pinewood Derby (wore Tan Shirt for 1st time, looked hot)

· 1 New Beginnings Talk

· 1 Batch of Cinnamon Rolls (for New Beginnings Talk)

· 1 Scout Training Session

· 2 Game Nights (Settlers is Back)

· 1 more Project waiting for Justin (bedroom ceiling fan won’t turn off, if the light is on… the fan is on and it’s winter)

· 1 Ward Chili Cook-Off

· 1 Doctor’s Appointment (baby and I are doing well, they won’t induce me (was induced both times before… what’s going into labor like?), doctor happened to be LDS)

· 1 Fall in Public (holding Drew, right after walking into commissary, too painful to be embarrassing)

· 1 Scouting for Food Door-hanger Drop-off Activity

· 1 Funeral Watched (cried at Pres Hinckley’s empty seat and casket, saw Uncle Loren singing in Tab Choir)

· 2 Haircuts (gave Owen & Drew them myself, used scissors AND clippers, no buzzes involved)

· 0 Pictures Taken


Nichole said...

well i hope you are okay after your fall. the boys look good, you did a great job on there hair!! hope you have a good week. CALL if you need anything.

Krissie said...

You sound like you had an extremely busy week. How are you liking scouts? Is it keeping you busy but not as busy as Primary President!? We miss you guys!

riggsfam said...

You've been one busy woman! Bummer that you can't get induced!! Going into labor isn't exactly fun.

Cher said...

O man, I feel you on the fall, but I wasn't holding any kids. I'm glad you were okay. I'm glad you are keeping busy until Justin comes home...soon!!!

The Smiths said...

Very busy!

Jessica said...

Are there suposed to be pictures? I cant see any? I hope you are alright after the fall. Any way thanks for the comment. Now its your turn! Justins comming soon!!!!

Malissa said...

Wow!! Busy girl! I'm sorry you fell, I hope you're okay! I love your posts!! Too cute!

Nutts said...

Busy girl, enjoy it before you go into newborn land! Sounds like you're getting it all in before you're out of comission! (I can't see pictures either?)

Sara said...

What fun filled week! I'm sure it flew by!
Super sorry about the fall. I've had too many painful ones myself - scary being pregnant though!

Sara said...

p.s. I think going into labor is

e x c i t i n g! (if your water breaks first and then things get going!)

KatieJ said...

You've been busy! I hope that has helped time go more quickly! This post isn't showing up right for me, no pictures. And going into labor is fun, but painful until you get the epidural!