Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Clearly Sally and August were the only ones into the egg dyeing this year.
I'm happy it happened at all. Last year it didn't.
Something about that vinegary smell, fizzing tablets, and color-changing eggs just does it for me.

Took these two to the the Monterey community Easter egg hunt.
It was mayhem, but at least they had the field separated by age.
The entire hunt lasted about 30 seconds.
And the build-up gave me way too much anxiety.
But those kids would do it again.
Something about scrambling for eggs filled with cheap toys and candy just does it for them.

As we were walking to the car afterward, Auggie spotted the Easter bunny and had to meet him.
Even after I pointed out the long line.
He was so happy about that creepy bunny, I couldn't stop laughing.

Easter morning was filled with cascarones, wind-up toy races, sticky man window races, silly straw bubble blowing, and relaxing. It was a really nice morning, but not the most Christ centered. Need to get back to doing Easter baskets on Saturday.

Church was extra good.

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