Friday, January 08, 2016


He is fun to shop with.

Again on the shopping.

I sure did enjoy all 3 of my boys in the dentist seat at the same time.
No cavities!

Tried out the neighbor's laser lights.

Santa came to the Carmel library for story time.

Like last year, Auggie followed him as long as possible as he rode away.
Paid off with some Lula's peppermint bark.

Ugly sweater day at school.

A late start getting the outside lights up.


Owen's first campout with the young men was to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.
Lucky kid got to camp and hike in the redwoods.
I made him a tinfoil dinner with a lot of love (and butter).
But he ate a bag of Doritos instead.

I brought this taco truck to a white elephant party at the Brown's.
And won it back.

Owen did the same...won back the melting snowman he brought as a gift to a YM/YW party.
We just like to buy our own gifts apparently.

Drew has at least 50 selfies on my phone at any given time.

Getting ready to sing their little hearts out at the school winter concert.
It was cute.
Drew did NOT want to be a part of it this year and I didn't make him. Kind of wish I did.

Stopped by The Inn at Spanish Bay on Pebble Beach to check out their Christmas decor.
Tes + Sally is always a party.

Their gingerbread display is always amazing.

Sarah can do a lot with a little. Loved her graham cracker house.


I took family pictures for the Carters and Drew was my assistant and random dog attracter.

A crazy day at the aquarium.

Justin took this on the way home from a college football game he & Drew went to.

Did a little hiking at Fort Ord National Monument with the Wades.
It was beautiful!
Not beautiful was the choice to go during A's nap time and having to carry him up some major hills.

Sand sledded/boarded, also with the Wades, at the Marina Sand Dunes.

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