Thursday, January 07, 2016

Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra

Usually we go out for Chinese food on Christmas Day, but we switched it to Christmas Eve this year in hopes of having better restaurant options. Plan failed and this year's food was the grossest yet.

At least we got to Skype Cole on his Singapore mission. 

And had our Christmas Eve nativity.

Christmas Day:

Santa brought science experiments (Mentos/Diet Coke, snow crystals).

Owen reached his step goal for the day using his new watch.

This Christmas season was pretty stressful for me. Shopping wasn't done till very last minute. I was working all month, but it was the working the week of Christmas (with all the kids out of school) that put me over the edge. Just too much got in the way. We did a lot of fun things, and we used the 25 Days of Christ scriptures and videos as our scripture study for the month. We had a great, musical Christmas program at church. But it wasn't until Christmas Day that I was able to just relax and enjoy it all. The kids were happy and grateful. We stayed home all day. And I loved reading this article before going to sleep that night. Wish I had found it sooner in the month. 

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