Friday, June 12, 2015

The Summer of Not Knowing

 Timed laps at the track.
They've been doing this twice a week for a Faith in God requirement.

This was a glorious day at Spanish Bay.

 Bald and beautiful Sarah.
Seashell/seaweed necklaces on Sally and Tes.

He helps himself to our bed in the middle of the night every night.
And we don't even care.

Summer = cups of noodles, chicken nuggets, and corn dogs.
And feeding the neighborhood all of the above.

Summer also equals shorter naps/more meltdowns.

He does everything with his food except eat it.

We most definitely celebrated National Donut Day.

A family bike ride while Justin ran.

 He fell asleep on the ride (with one hand in his bag of nuggets).
Stayed asleep as we moved him from the bike to the truck, then the truck to his bed.

Another beach day, this time at Lover's Point.
(which we're hoping is clear from the huge sewage spill a few weeks ago)


Sarah and I took the kids to a new (to us) pool at Saddle Mountain Ranch.
The view was amazing and we had the place to ourselves most of the time.
Pools are a treat here.

Just cruising Rite Aid in a swim diaper and goggles.

We are in limbo. 

Justin doesn't have a job and we have no idea what's next for us.

Trying to make something work here, but nothing yet.

In the meantime, I'm still working 20 hours a week and we're having as much free/cheap fun as we can when I'm not.

I'm happy that we live in a place where lots of that (free fun) is possible.

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