Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life with Sally

Family Day at the Monterey Museum of Art.
She fell in love with pastels.

Last picture with her 2 front teeth.
She got them pulled by the dentist (had an abscess).

Volunteered in Sally's class.
She ended up covering that tree with paint dots to get to stay longer at the table with me.

I like her check lists.
Especially when they involve rubbing my feet.

I need more happy pictures of Sally because life with her lately has been rough.

Especially mornings.

She, "doesn't know what matches."
Then doesn't like what I pick out.
Then we agree on something.
But once that's on, it bothers her.
There is always a new lump in her shoe.
I can't brush her hair soft enough.
Tears more often than not.

But then she comes home with sweet notes, is my best piano practicer, is usually happy to play with August (even though he doesn't always want to be played with), is so good at being creative, and wants to give me 16 kisses before bed.

Thank goodness for some balance.

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kelli said...

WE love Sally!