Friday, December 19, 2014

Bedrock City vs The Grand Canyon

Bedrock City
Expectations: Low
Cost: $5 per person
How much we liked it: A lot

This place was awesome.

Showed the kids a couple episodes of The Flinstones on You Tube the night before so they'd get it.

Explored all the houses, the school, barber shop (with the creepy heads), police station,
post office, and dental office.

They thought of everything.

I was smiling the whole time.

Then on to:
When we first walked up to the Grand Canyon viewpoint, it literally took my breath away.
I may have even shed a little tear.

We had fun exploring for about....15 minutes.

But you can only look at a canyon for so long.
And the kids (probably me, too) were so ready to be at my mom and dad's house by that point.

But since we were there, we spent some more time exploring.

Took the bus to the geological museum.
Bus ride was fun.
Geological museum was not super kid friendly.
So many words.
Felt like I walked into an encyclopedia.

The highlight for all of us was the desert watchtower. 

 I had never seen this part of the canyon before.
Pretty awesome to climb to the top of the tower and view it from there.

Grand Canyon
Expectations: High
Cost: Free (thanks to a military pass)
How much we liked it: Medium

I don't think I ever need to go back unless it's via helicopter that takes me down to Havasupai.

The Grand Canyon is amazing, but unless you're actually going to hike down in there, or find some way to experience it more than just looking at the view...not worth it.


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