Friday, September 09, 2011

The Blackout

7 hours later...just when I was about to take a bite out of Justin's calf...power came back!

I joke now, but it was unsettling not knowing how long we'd be without.

Only had 1/3 tank of gas.
Cell was almost dead.
The little wake-up call was probably good.

Glad we were at the beach for the first part.
And had already planned on grilling for dinner.

Now we will go enjoy our day off of school....seeing as they were all canceled!


The Watkins said...

We're going to go just south of Buccaneer today if you want to come along.

Joanna & Ben said...

lucky it was just seven hours. Does make you realize how unprepared you are though. I think the longest we were without power was for 17 days...miserable. with this hurricane it was only 6. Makes you want to live in a bunker stockpiled with provisions doesn't it?

Jaime said...

I have this weird thing about me that makes me always want to keep our gas tank full. I always think that in an emergency, I want plenty of gas. I'm glad you got it back on when you did.

Krissie said...

I'm glad you got yours back so soon! We had our out for about 12 hours and it was HOT in the bedroom trying to sleep. It was a good little wake up call, as in I'm needing more water in the house and more emergency food.

My phone was also have trouble! That's why I felt like I was never getting your texts!

Nic said...

hi shauna! i'm so behind on blogging and looking at blogs, i've been missing all your fun posts! thanks for the nice photo compliment, means a lot coming from the photographer extraordinare....

ps-your sis seriously has 10 kids?? speechless.