Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And then

Ward Campout
- was at William Heise County Park near Julian
- had good food (all prepped & served by a generous ward family)
- Brent & Errin came along last minute when there were still sites available
- actually slept decent
- realized my family is made up mostly of pyromaniacs who think the best way to put out a fire is to urinate on it (sorry anyone downwind)

- apples were picked on the way home

- and pie was eaten
(lots of it...tried both Mom's and Julian Pie company, both were good but we didn't order the same thing from either, so couldn't truly compare)
(also a grasshopper was inspected)


Jay & Tam(i) + 10 were waiting for us on the beach.
They had gotten in late the night before.
Spent a fun afternoon getting buried, riding in their new van, eating Cessy's, meeting/holding babies, and making s'mores.


My Aunt Sherri and Uncle Clel spent Sunday afternoon with us.
(church, puzzles, dinner, and singing an early happy birthday to Sherri)

My kids have never been so quiet after was lovely.

Fun...busy weekend!


Rachel Lyn said...

I am so jealous! I should have ditched my life and hitched a ride in the Curtis Clan Van! The campout pictures are soo adorable and Sally looks way too cute with her earrings. Tell her I said so. I hope my husband plays with my kids like Justin does, that angry bird head is one of the greatest things I've seen. Beach pictures are cute and the girl twins are babes with their hair blowin in the wind.. and suzee without a shirt :)

Nichole said...

OH so JEALOUS.......luke and i stayed a weekend in Julian and loved it. such a cute little town and the PIES ARE AMAZING!!!