Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Warmer

I think this little "garden sprite" is one step up from the duck
(in the making friends department).
It is a person, just not a living one.
Wait, it might be a tie.

Matching smiles.

A 9/11 Memorial (part of the World Trade Center).

Hopscotch on the Celebration Bridge.

Another day exploring San Angelo.


brentanderrin said...

love the top picture of sally and i want her shoes!

Rachel Lyn said...

first of all, i hope you know i was joking about the wallpaper. second of all, i am obsessed with your children. sally and her statue made my entire night happier. and complete.

danna said...

Your kids really are too cute! It looks fun there!

Steph said...

Leave her little sprite alone. She's cute...and to Sally she's real. I know you've got some little sprites hiding somewhere for your rainy days :)

Table for Seven said...

You have a great eye for pictures.