Sunday, July 12, 2009

Marching On

Cause that's what you do on Independence day, right? March.


Now you are viewing pictures of our 4th of July trip to Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley where we went on their little bug walk.

We walked through their plants to identify helpful insects.

The party didn't really start until the ladybugs came out, though.

Each kid got a handful to spread on the mustard plants.

Most of ours were played with and pinched (Sally)...hopefully they found their own way to the plants cause we weren't very helpful.

Aren't we festive?

Then we visited Earthbound's herb garden (weirdest leaves taste!)

and their chamomile labyrinth.

That was the best.

A little sign told us to take off our shoes to enjoy.

It felt/smelt/WAS amazing.

That night since poor Monterey wasn't doing fireworks.

And they were selling them on roadside stands...yet were illegal.

We decided to do our own version.


We've gone to beach bonfires before but never been the ones providing the fire.

It was fun...thanks to my little lumberjack.

We happened to meet the Davidsons down there who Errin/Shelly know from when they lived in AZ (and were in our ward before it split). They are pro bonfirists that taught us how the dried seaweed ball things pop in the fire so we even had our own natural fireworks.

Happy Independence Day!


Rachel Lyn said...

hahha i like your fireoworks joke! and i wanna go back to that labyrinth soo bad. wish i dressed up so patriotic like you!

bkbills said...

What a cute family picture! I love it! I am so sad I didn't get to see you guys while you were here! If you come back for a visit anytime soon, please call me! The pictures are great and I am so jealous that you can enjoy the outdoors in the summer there.

stephanie said...

oh, i can almost smell your beach bonfire! there's nothing better.

KatieJ said...

What fun pictures! Looks like a great time, I wish we lived over there! I like your header too.

Joanna and Ben said...

Y'all do so many fun things! The pictures are way cute, Sally is getting so big!

Steph said...

Oh that Chamomile looks amazing! How did you know about this one??What do you do, sit at your computer every night searching for something to do every stinkin' day?

Loved the fireworks joke.

Owen's hotdog pic is hilarious...and a little questionable. ha!

Luke says he misses you guys!

And love your 4th of July outfits.

I won't be posting our festive outfits as my face is ugly. yup.