Monday, July 13, 2009

The End

7/2 - Beach off of Cannery Row

Almost done with this never-ending vacation recap.


Brent (who graduates boot camp Fri - yay!) would be so proud.
And by proud I mean not proud.

He loves Star Wars almost as much as me.
And by love I mean doesn't love.

But I actually do love that Owen loves it.
I can be supportive.

7/7 - Tide Pools between Lover's Point and Asilomar


Above is the farmer's market booth
where we got these:
for $40!

Don't tell me if they're knock-offs
(the guy told us they're samples and we're going to believe him)


Steph said...

Oh if they are fur reelz 7s, way to go! And you all look hot in them. So they must be fur reelz.

Kirsten said...

I agree, those are way too cute to not be real! What a deal!

Rachel Lyn said...

haha of course you make it teeny! hahha i love it shauna. except you didn't use your funny pun! everyone: this picture is a jackpot picture! cause we have three sevens in a row! hahha

Robyn Hollobaugh said...

Sweet! They sell jeans at a farmers market?? Isn't that fruit, veggies & plants?

Table for Seven said...

Shauna, my two year old saw the last picture where you're showing off your new pants, and he said, "shake you booty." Now where he learned such a thing, I'll never know. ;)