Sunday, September 11, 2016

Summer in Arizona

We traveled to AZ this summer.
And went into shock over the heat.

Visited our favorite spot along the Salt River.

That's me, Drew, Sally, Auggie, Jacob, Rachel, and Penny down there.
Tubing down the river from our cliff jumping spot to the parking lot is my favorite.
Owen took this picture.

Went to the Diamondbacks vs Giants game with Erica.

We got super cheap tickets through the military and ended up in the nosebleeds.
Owen was legitimately freaked out from how high up we were.
Getting separated from Erica, who was trying to find her friend, didn't help his situation.

Eventually all of us relocated to the ground level bleachers.
And the Diamondbacks won.
Fun that they won being the underdogs.

Found my parents, some cousins, and cooler weather at Camp Lomia.
This mission (as the camp caretakers) is so perfect for them.
And also us, who still get to see them.
We took over the camp, which was closed for 4th of July.

The Wonder Trail has inspirational quotes about women and ends up at a beautiful statue.

Abbey and Emma volunteered to menu plan, shop, and cook for the whole trip.

Hiked Tonto Natural Bridge.
Who hikes in AZ in the summer?
Not us ever again.

Blue Ridge Reservoir was our favorite part of the trip.
Kayaked and cliff jumped all afternoon.

Payson put on a good fireworks show, but we were all too worn out to go.
Sparklers were as fireworky as we got this year.

Most of the kids slept in the YCL room.
Crazy that it had been 20 years since going there for camp myself.

Morning glories.

The gator = the little boys favorite.

Errin brought out a stash of candy.
This is the longest the kids sat still the whole trip.

We met Justin's dad for lunch at Tiny's Restaurant in Payson.
I cannot recommend the restaurant, but I can recommend the company.

Back for more at Blue Ridge Reservoir.
Justin had to fly home early for work so it was just the kids and me from here on out.

Went to Karen's for swimming and haircuts.
And poolside pancakes.

Drew had been waiting the whole week to go to Kids That Rip.
It was basically his dream come true...way better than any California skate park we've been to.

KTR is right by my favorite high school lunch spot,
so the kids got to go down memory lane.
Ned was even there to add to the nostalgia.

That and some shopping at AZ Mills rounded out our week in AZ.

Not pictured:
A visit from Danna and her kids (got to meet new baby Pavel). 7/6
Dinner with Lindsey, Debbie, and Becky B at Sauce. 7/7

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The Watkins said...

I just made a list of about 15 things I need to do when we see Dave's brother next in Mesa.