Saturday, December 05, 2015


Every other year my parents host Thanksgiving for their ever-growing posterity.
This year the group was up to 50.
(including my grandparents and 3 family friends)

And this year we did "Thanksgiving on Sterroids."
Still not sure I like that name, but the idea was to step up the traditional dishes.
I was a little nervous that the results would be unfavorable, but everything was delicious.
Okay, almost everything (ahem Jacob's green beans - he admitted it).

 Derek and I battled in sweet potatoes.
His prosciutto wrapped potatoes (broiled with brown sugar and rosemary) clearly won.
I went old school with the marshmallow topping.
Mixed it up by doing them twice baked in the skin.
They were most definitely good.
But I will be making Derek's every year from now on.

After much eating, the rest of daylight was spent on bikes and playing 9 Square in the Air.


And then we shopped.

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The Watkins said...

I wish I'd taken more pics of all the people at our first Thanksgiving. I love the first one. You get such a fun crowded family feel to it. I love that about Thanksgiving feasts.